Benefits of HFG

Benefits of Healthy Families Georgia include:

  • Promotes optimal child health, connecting families with medical providers
  • Offers weekly visits until the baby is at least six months old
  • Works with families in a positive, supportive manner, building on parents’ strengths
  • Reaches out to isolated families
  • Helps parents develop strong, positive relationships with their children
  • Supports optimal child development
  • Screens children for developmental delays and makes appropriate referrals to local resources
  • Works with parents to achieve family self-sufficiency and develop problem solving strategies 
  • Connects families to community resources

    Healthy Families Georgia uses a comprehensive curriculum to: 

  • Focus on fostering the growth of secure attachment relationships
  • Support and encourage developmentally enriched, empathic parenting
  • Supports families to reduce their stress
  • Build protective buffers for their children
  • Set and achieve family goals


Healthy Families Georgia encourages:

Two Important Reasons to Begin Early!     

Social Emotional Development - School readiness begins in the cradle!

Through regular home visits and the use of a comprehensive curriculum parents learn how to best support their child’s social and emotional development.  Infants begin to develop an “opinion” of themselves and the world around them through the care and nurture they receive from their parents.  When a parent continually responds to their child’s cues quickly and appropriately a child learns trust and feels safe and secure.  This sense of safety allows the child to learn through curiosity and exploration.  Social and emotional development is the number one predictor of school success.  The way school age children feel about themselves and their ability to get their needs met in a calm and acceptable manner can determine their ability to focus and learn in school. 

Brain Development – School readiness begins early!

Our brains are shaped by our early experiences.  Our earliest environments bathe our brains in stimulation that completes our neural development.  Through HFG home visits parents learn activities to stimulate their child’s brain development.  Parents learn what types of experiences enhance their child’s brain development. They also learn about experiences that can limit their child’s brain development and how to minimize those experiences.