Benefits of PAT

Why do we benefit from Parents as Teachers?
Recent neuroscience research on brain development demonstrates how early experiences shape the way children learn, think, and behave for the rest of their lives. Parents play a critical role in providing these important experiences.

How does PAT benefit parents?
PAT focuses on the early years, prenatal through kindergarten, to help parents understand what to expect during each stage of their child's development. PAT-certified parent educators offer parents practical ways to encourage learning, ensure health and developmental needs are met, manage challenging behavior, and promote strong parent-child relationships.

How does PAT benefit children?
In their beginning years, children learn more at a much faster pace than at any other time in their life. Through PAT, parents acquire the skills to help make the most of these crucial early-learning years. Later schooling cannot fully compensate for the lack of intellectual stimulation and emotional nurturing in the early years. Investing in good beginnings for children can pay long-term dividends for families, schools, and society.

How does PAT benefit your community?
When Parents as Teachers is implemented in a community, everyone benefits. Through the program, parents become familiar with their community resources and develop good relationships with them from the beginning. PAT positively impacts a community through: children who experience personal and academic success, parents who increase their confidence in their parenting skills, school districts that develop good relationships with parents and enroll children who are ready for school, and government and civic leaders who invest in a cost-efficient child development program.