How to Implement a PAT program

A goal of PAT is to help your organization fully understand and put into practice those things that make a quality Parents as Teachers affiliate. Organizations interested in affiliation must meet the essential requirements , perform a Readiness Reflection, and complete an Affiliate Plan.

After completing training, individuals will have annual “certified parent educator” access to online materials and programs will have “affiliate” status. Helpful tools to complete your Affiliate Plan:

  • Budgeting tool
  • Approved Developmental Screening Tools Chart

Parent Educator Certification

Parent educators who will provide services under a Parents as Teachers Affiliate must attend Foundational & Model Implementation Training.

To attend this training, your organization must have an affiliate plan on file. Access to the Parents as Teachers Curriculum and the cost of the Model Implementation Guide is included in the training fee. Participants who successfully complete both the Foundational and Model Implementation trainings become model certified.

For more information about implementing a Parents as Teachers affiliate in Georgia, contact Sara Jane Blackman, Georgia Parents as Teachers State Coordinator, at