PAT Network

The purpose of the Georgia Parents as Teachers (PAT) Network is to link PAT affiliates around the state and provide support and quality improvement.

The Georgia Parents as Teachers Network is the statewide voice for Parents as Teachers affiliates across the state.

The major areas of focus for the Georgia PAT Network are: 

  • Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communications
  • Funding Resources
  • Program Support

Since 2006, the Georgia Parents as Teachers Network has been charged with helping grow and expand PAT programs within the state. The state office serves as the communication medium between the state and Parents as Teachers National Center, supporting the delivery of training and professional development opportunities and promoting quality improvement for the programs offering Parents as Teachers services. The state office also leads sustainability efforts at the state and national levels and collaborates with other programs concerned with the growth and development of young children.

There are approximately thirty PAT sites across the state of Georgia. The flexibility of the PAT model allows programs to be funded and sponsored in a variety of ways. In Georgia, PAT is funded through Head Start, Title I, Communities in Schools, Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, local school systems and other local, private, state and federal grants.

Although PAT is designed as a universal access program, in Georgia funding may be directed to families and communities with greatest need.

If you would like more information about Parents as Teachers, email Sara Jane Blackman, Georgia Parents as Teachers State Coordinator, at