How to Implement

In recognition of the needs of all families, a universal, early intervention parent support plan should be included as part of community strategies to improve outcomes for families.  With community partners, a program can develop and implement a First Steps Georgia plan to provide universal, early intervention services and support for families by:

1. Identifying a universal target population and service delivery location(s);

2. Ensuring access for parents of all ages and all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds by

a) Connecting with community partners that will provide access to families;

b) Establishing referral partner agreements;

c) Establishing consistent referral process practices; and

d) Establishing a tracking system for referrals;

3. Identifying key needs of families participating in the program and identifying community resources to meet those needs;

4. Completing all documentation including state required data entry and all essential records required by First Steps Georgia; and

5. Coordinating within the Georgia Home Visiting Program, where available.

For more information, please contact Nicole Copeland, First Steps Georgia Coordinator, at