Home Visiting Testimonials

See what parents are saying about the home visiting services they have received!

"This is not just fun stuff. This is making a difference in the life of my family!"

"I used to spank my daughter all the time, but now I've learned better ways to get her to listen and learn. I feel better about how I treat her."

"I didn't take [the program] seriously at first, but my [home visitor] changed our life. I've learned that being a mom doesn't have to make me miserable. Now I have fun with my daughter."

"I've learned how to observe my child. I see his motor skills, his social skills. I can talk about his milestones."

"I am holding my child's hand, walking her into her first day of school, and thinking about you and all you did for us."

"[Our home visitor] brought out resources to different agencies, libraries, and community centers that I didn't even know about that we could use for free."

"[My child] is now in Pre-K and is doing great in all areas of brain development,social emotional skills,gross and fine motor,as well as language and communication skills.  He has met all of his milestones, knows his name, numbers and colors.  He writes and spells his name without any help."

"I learned the value of attending conferences at school and groups that were offered to us.  I also learned the importance of reading [to my child] and the bonding time it provided us as a family."

"I feel like [my home visitor] was sent by God. She is exactly what I needed."

"I get to know my baby better."

"My [home visitor] is very non-judgmental, it did not matter how my house looked."

"It made me change my mind about many things."

"This is a great program to learn and gain experience about your child."

"I learned the importance of being involved in my child's education."

"I didn’t know babies were so smart.”

“I can’t keep a plant alive but I am a good mom.”

“If my mom can’t help me, my home visitor can.”

“I didn’t know I could do so much with my baby.”

“I know what my baby sees, hears, and feels."

“My home visitor helps me with the big things and the little things.”


This video includes testimonies from families who have benefited from home visiting as well as home visitors who deliver the programs in communities across the state.