Maternal Depression Resources

Many mothers struggle daily with depression.  Depression makes them feel down, sad, or blue. What’s worse is that many mothers don’t even know that they are depressed. People who work with mothers with young children are in a position to address a very serious problem that often goes unnoticed. Mothers and their children and families can live better lives if the women realize that they have depression and then get help.

Depression in Mothers:More Than the Blues - A Toolkit for Family Service Providers, is a toolkit that was designed for community-based providers, including those in home visitation programs; workers in the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program; and staff in Early Head Start, Head Start, and other child care programs. The toolkit delivers background information about depression and offers ideas that providers can use daily when helping mothers, and their families, who may be suffering from depression.

The toolkit also includes useful resources and handouts for mothers with depression.