Online Trainings

Childrens' Trust and Prevention Funds Online Training Courses
The National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds (Alliance) is pleased to make available a series of online training courses to support implementation of the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework in multiple settings.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University Online Training Courses                

1. Executive Function - This online professional development module discusses the science of executive function and self-regulation as well as how adult caregivers can help children build these skills. Working in collaboration with Frontiers of Innovation, the Washington State Department of Early Learning developed this module. The module takes about 90 minutes or less to complete, with the option to stop and resume later.

2.  Building Brain Architecture: The Foundations of Lifelong Learning, Health and Achievement - This online professional development module communicates the science of development to adults whose decisions affect children, youth, and families. It has four distinct sections, which provide a basic overview of how early child and brain development happens, how it can be derailed and supported, and what effects early development can have on lifetime health and learning. The module also provides opportunities for reflecting on the implications of the science for policy and practice and includes resources for further learning and skill development. It was a joint project of a cross-agency working group in Washington state and Frontiers of Innovation.

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Home Visiting Technical Assistance Webinars

Partnerships and Collaboration in Home Visiting: Making a Commitment to Serve At- Risk Families (Children and Family Futures).  September 2011.

November 2009
Early Lessons from Research on Washington State’s Council for Children & Families’ Evidence-based Home Visiting Program (FRIENDS NRC).  November 2009.

Brookings Webinar on Preventing Child Maltreatment (Future of Children)  October 2009.

Evidence-Based Home Visiting to Prevent Child Maltreatment: Assessing and Addressing Fidelity (University of Maryland, Baltimore Research Brown Bag Seminar). February 2009.

Children's Safety Network Webinars

CDC Webinars

Jul. 2012
Influenza Prevention and Control: Strategies for Early Education and Child Care Programs” is a free course that educates staff who work in Head Start and other early education and child care programs about influenza policies and strategies that help keep children healthy.