Newest Certified Parent Survey Community Outreach Staff

Congratulations to Georgia's newest certified Parent Survey Community Outreach staff. Thank you for supporting children and families through implementation of the Healthy Families America model!

Left to right: Katina Overstreet, FFS (Chatham-Liberty), LaRelle Copeland, FS/FRS (Muscogee), Dana Beckman, FRS/FFS (Glynn), Traycee Miller, FRS/FFS (Brantley), Elizabeth Ramirez, FRS/FFS (Glynn), Jerrett Irwin, FS/FRS Crisp, Carrie Boatright, FRS/FFS (Brantley), Shekinah Thompson, FFS (Glynn), Sulay Roberts, FFS/FRS (Chatham-Liberty) and Lacy Connelly, FFS/FRS (Chatham-Liberty)