Tina Hix, RN, Nurse-Family Partnership Houston County

Georgia Home Visiting Program is proud to spotlight Tina Hix, RN, Nurse Supervisor with Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) in Houston County.  Tina started with NFP as a Nurse Home Visitor in February 2014. As a home visitor for this program, she consistently maintained a full and active caseload of 25 mothers and babies. When the Nurse Supervisor position suddenly became vacant in early 2017, Tina agreed to step into the role and she continues to do an outstanding job empowering her team to grow and to continue to impact families in Houston County. She also makes sure that they take good care of themselves in the process.


No one knows of Tina's hard work and dedication quite like her team. Their own words say it all.  

"Tina was once a Nurse Home Visitor before transitioning into the role as Supervisor. Tina understands what we home visitors go through, so as a supervisor she makes sure we have everything we need to be successful home visitors. Tina goes above and beyond for her clients as well as her nurses. Tina is always available for us nurses whenever we need her. Tina recognizes and encourages us when we need it. Qualities like that motivate us to continue doing a good job. Working with a great supervisor like Tina makes me enjoy coming to work." - TeQuiera Wolfork, Nurse Home Visitor


"As a Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse and Nurse Supervisor, Tina has been practicing, sharing, and teaching compassion here at Houston Health Department."
- LaPrell Todd, Administrator, Nurse-Family Partnership Houston County


"Tina has excelled at being a supervisor and continues to work hard. She is a wonderful example of someone who is making a difference. She is always encouraging and supporting her clients, as well as the Nurse Family Partnership team each day. She goes above and beyond to ensure the goals of Nurse Family Partnership exceeded daily. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, and has a positive impact on everything she’s involved in." - Lawana Mathis, First Steps Coordinator

"Tina is a great supervisor who leads by example. She always values her staff and exudes positivity. She also coaches me through the times when I need support. She loves the Nurse-Family Partnership Program. While being a supervisor, she still carries a caseload of clients as this shows she is dedicated to her clients and the program." - Ukeme DeRamus, Nurse Home Visitor

Tina Hix exemplifies the very best of public health service. We recognize Tina for her remarkable accomplishments and we are grateful for her dedication to Georgia's children and families.

Nurse-Family Partnership  ( NFP ) is a  aevidence-based home visiting model which arranges for home visits from  registered nurses  to low-income first-time mothers. The visits begin during pregnancy and continue for two years following birth. NFP intervention has been associated with improvements in maternal health, child health, and economic security. Georgia 's Nurse-Family Partnership program is managed by the Houston County Health Department in the North Central Health District. For more information, visit the NFP website .